November 7, 2008

How many cannibals could your body feed?
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Hello world!

August 31, 2008

Some stuff about me.

•What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?
Sprained ankle, or wrist.

•How about the worst one this week?
This week? I scrapped my knee while singing along to “No Good Deed” from Wicked.

•Have you ever seriously hurt someone else physically?
I broke a guy’s nose once…

•Was it on purpose?
Oh hell yes.

•Are you a Pain-junky or a Squeamish little girl?
I don’t mind pain, but I wouldn’t call myself a junkie.

•What’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in?
Physically? No clue. Emotionally? Oh god, it’s hard to choose the worst.

•What’s the most embarrassing thing you said to the opposite sex?
No clue. I really don’t find much embarrassing about myself.

•If you could kill off anyone from your life, who would it be?

•Why do you want them dead?
Because she is, quite honestly, the only person I hate. She’s also kind of really self-centred.

•Cheese or Fish? (answer carefully)
Cheese… brie cheese.

•Best orgasm ever, when and who with?
None of your damn business!

•When were you last sick?
Probably just after Les Misérables finished, end of August.

•What did you have?
Allergies, plus a cold, plus that girly thing that happens once a month. It sucked.

•The worst illness you’ve ever suffered?
Anything that has rendered my voice useless (like strep throat), because when I can’t sing, I suffer.

•Longest stay in a hospital and why?
Er… never had to stay. Though I’ve spent nights there with my little brother. He gets really sick, I don’t.

•If you had no choice but these two would you rather have AIDS or Cancer?
Cancer. At least then, I have a chance of being cured, or at least living without it.

•Ever had thrush?

•What’s your favorite disease and why?
Cancer… it’s interesting to study.

•Worst fear?
Irrational: needles. Rational: the death of anyone I love.

•Do you know why you have that fear?
Needles: no clue. Death of loved ones: Well, I care about them, and losing anyone I care about is terrifying.

•When do you think it first manifested itself?
Needles: somewhere between ages 10 and 13. Other: Since I’ve loved.

•Do you suffer from any mental problems? (Depression, Bi-polar, Anxiety, Dyslexia etc.)
LOL! Depression, anxiety, ADD, OCD… and I think they may be more, but I shant bore you with that.

•Worst memory?
Arguing with my father about something, the first time he ever hit me. The only time he ever hit me. But fuck, that really is a horrid memory.

•Best memory?
Discovering this person I was in love with actually loved me back the way I loved him.

•What would come to mind if I said the word “Pulp” to you?

•Ever had bad thoughts about someone?

•What thoughts were they?
Pain and suffering.

undefined: anything divided by zero is undefined, therefore the equation could not be answered

•How are you feeling right now?
A bit depressed.

•What has been your lowest point emotionally?
There’s been a lot. Anytime I’ve attemped suicide.

•And your highest?
After the 3rd show of Les Misérables, and he was there, telling me he cried when I died, and that it was a brilliant performance. And then those same sentiments being repeated by friends and strangers to me. God, that was an amazing feeling.

•What makes you cry?
When I’m stressed as fuck, and hating myself, and just breaking down… usually on my own.

•What makes you laugh?
I don’t know. Things that usually aren’t all that funny.

•What song can’t you get out of your head?
“Two Ladies” from Cabaret.

•Do you get flashbacks?

•(If yes) then what of?
Better times some times. Or worse times. It all depends, really.